Do your couriers use air column bags?

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Air column bags are becoming more and more common in our daily moving, transportation and express delivery, so how much do you know about air column bags?

  1. Advantages of air column bag

High-quality PE+PA film, strong and durable, with high air tightness. The protection performance is more guaranteed; the basic materials are tested by SGS without any heavy metals, and the combustion is non-toxic, which conforms to the characteristics of airtightness, moisture resistance and environmental protection; the buffer air column bag is inflated with air before use; low cost: the cost of the air column bag is very low ; Save space and trouble; Recyclable, belonging to the 7th recycling standard; Reduce the packaging process, save manpower

  1. The scope of use of the air column bag

Electronic products; ceramic products; precision instruments; air column bags are used for products that are afraid of falling, or may react with other mixtures to cause fire or explosion after leakage; mainly used to prevent collisions between products, filling and buffering. It is used in the packing box to fill the gap between the product and the packing box to protect the goods from being damaged by impact. It is widely used in packaging and filling of cosmetics, lighting, electronic products, glass container products, ceramics, precision instruments and other products. It is flexible and convenient, and the price is low.

  1. Zhifei's air column bag

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