Sharing Cosplay Wig Wearing Instructions

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wholesale hair factory in China are an essential part of the COSPLAY experience

wholesale hair factory in China are an essential part of the COSPLAY experience. Wigs are an important part of the overall costume and character. They are just as important as props when it comes to styling. Every experienced cosplayer is a wizard with wholesale hair vendors. It appears to be a bit difficult for Mengxin, who has only recently entered the world of cosmetology, to wear a wig with exaggerated colors and avant-garde styling to begin with. So, what is the proper way to put on a cos wig?

How to put on a cos wig

1. Comb your hair back and secure it with clips after it has been wrapped.

Place the wig on your head from the front to the back, first holding the front end of the wig against your forehead, and then pulling the wig back with both hands to cover all of your hair.

3. Put broken hair back in its place. Examine it and insert the broken hair that has been exposed.

4. Brush the wig with a comb. Adjust the human hair lace front wigs in all directions (front, back, left, and right), paying close attention to the position of the ears, and then comb it through with a comb.

5. Make a mess of your hairstyle. Spray the hair with hair spray and randomly scratch the hair with your hands to give it a more natural appearance.


Cosplay wig-wearing prowess

1. Take the wig out of the bag, comb it, and spray it with an anti-frizz agent. Steel combs or wooden combs must be used when working with nylon filaments! Wigs cannot be styled with styling products sprayed on them!

Grab the wig and place it over the two temples of your head.

3. Examine the shape of the head; if the wig does not appear to be empty, it will not appear to be attractive. It can be secured with two clips placed behind the ears.

Prepare the hairline, sideburns and dividing lines in the following ways:

How to style a wig in order to conceal real hair

Rubber bands and small black clips are used as product tools. Remove your hair from your face and improve the shape of your head. Girls with short hair can skip straight to the next step: styling.

1. Separate the hair into four sections, tie the flat back of the head with a rubber band, and then fix the four strands of hair against the scalp with a small black clip in a clockwise direction, which can improve the original flat head Type into convex type; 2.

2. Wrap the head of the small black clip around your hair to keep it from catching on any of the wig's hair nets; 3. Spray a little more styling water on the circle of hair around your hairline to make it more conforming. 4.

How to put on a wig with a hair net

Wrapping the real hair in the hair net will help to make the wig more comfortable to wear on the head. The following are the most important points:It should be worn from the front to the back. To ensure that there is no trace of broken hair left below the hairline, wear the front lower first, and then slowly pull it back from there. Maintain control of the hair sleeve by holding it at the sideburns with both hands. When you first put it on your head, you should lean a little bit forward to accommodate it. After you have placed the lens on your eyes, press the head with both hands to return the hair sleeve to its proper position. up until that point

Choosing and caring for a cos wig

Because of the large number of wig products available on the market, there is a wide range of quality, and some headband wigs will be mistaken for false hair at first glance. When everyone looks at you with strange eyes as you walk down the street, the experience is extremely embarrassing. Discover how to select a high-quality wig!

A variety of color hair lace closure wigs   are available on the market at the moment: chemical fiber silk, human hair, and a combination of chemical fiber and real hair.

Chemical fiber silk is the most common type because it is inexpensive and has a realistic appearance. A wig with this texture is not appropriate for shopping in real life unless you are involved in cosplay video games or are a catwalk model in a fashion show.

2. Real people are used in film and television dramas, and the cost of their services is higher than that of actors.

3. The mixed type of chemical fiber silk and real human hair is the most suitable wig to be used in real life, as it can achieve the effect of both fake and real hair at the same time.

Learn how to clean and care for wigs in a simple and straightforward manner.

The wig has been in use for an extended period of time and needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

1. Before washing the wig, make sure to comb the hair smoothly, beginning at the tail and working your way up gradually; otherwise, the hair may become damaged. 2.

Using an appropriate amount of moisturizing shampoo, pour it into warm water (approximately 20°C) and stir evenly. Soak the wig in water for 5 minutes before gently rubbing it and rinsing it thoroughly with clean water.


3. Dissolve an appropriate amount of conditioner in warm water, stirring constantly. Soak the fake hair in the water for 10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with clean water.

Using a towel, gently tap or shake the water droplets out of the hair. Comb the hair naturally and set it aside in a well-ventilated area to dry naturally afterward.

When the hair is completely dry, arrange the wig so that it is ready to wear.

I'll show you how to put together the proper wig collection.

Many people are unsure of how to properly store body wave lace front wigs after they have been worn. After a long period of time in the closet, they become frizzy, and after a long period of time in the packaging bag, they become deformed and distorted. What should I do if the cost of purchasing a fake mannequin is prohibitively expensive? A simple way to learn is provided here, and it only costs a few dollars to obtain it.

1. You can purchase a smooth rubber ball about the size of your head from a sporting goods store that specializes in sporting goods.

Second, find a piece of plywood or a wooden board and glue them together using 502 glue. When the wig is not being worn, simply attach a set of self-made models to the back of the head, which is both convenient and simple.

To make your model even more perfect, you can DIY hand-painted cute facial features, any expression is acceptable; then dress up your self-made model, which will add a lot of fun to the experience.