New World subject of region transfers has come up repeatedly

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While the New World team has taken the majority of the holiday season off, there are still a number of outstanding issues that must be addressed in the new year

While the New World team has taken the majority of the holiday season off, there are still a number of outstanding issues that must be addressed in the new year. Some players are still asking about regional transfers, despite the recent spate of server mergers that have taken place over the past few weeks, and the fact that there will be more mergers and updates to come, pending the resolution of certain issues.

Since the beginning of the game, when demand was overwhelming, the subject of region transfers has come up repeatedly. Amazon has more than doubled the number of servers available, with the promise of free transfers if you start on a server with a lower population. In the following days, it was revealed that the server transfers promised were only applicable within the same region; however, a megathread was created on the forums with the community manager and dev support to see if there was any interest in region transfers.

At the beginning of December, that thread was closed with a note stating that they might be able to try two different solutions in regards to regional transfers if they worked together. Since one of the questions posed to the community was whether they would prefer an option based on speed of delivery or whether they would prefer to wait longer but receive a more polished option, it has become clearer what this could mean going forward into 2022.

"It is clear that there is a demand for cross-region server transfers. As part of our long-term strategy, we are currently developing a short-term solution that will get you to the region you desire (though your ability to purchase a home will be hampered). Working on a near-term solution is still ongoing, but we expect to have it in hand by the beginning of 2022."

It has been a while since the last update, and now that server mergers may have had a greater impact on player experiences, Community Manager TrevzorFTW provided an update in response to a new request. He claims that the team is actively working on region transfers and that they will share more information as soon as it is available. According to the current indications, the near-term solution is still in the works, but we will have to wait until the coming weeks to see the first draft of the resolution plans.

  • Staggering hits are not affected by the type of armor that the players are wearing, which means that no matter what type of armor they are wearing, they will always be staggered in the same way

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  • Staggering hits could be effective against Light armor, but users of Medium armor could experience a brief grace period during which they are unable to be staggered, which could be amplified if they are wearing Heavy armor


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The use of staggering hits can easily cause taunts and healing abilities to be interrupted in PvE content, making it difficult to complete flawless runs in more difficult content. The problem is that this isn't just something that happens in harder content; it's something that players can run into even when fighting enemies who are 30 levels below them in the difficulty scale. The occurrence of an enemy or two overpowering and staggering players should not be something that occurs on a regular basis, and it should most definitely not work this way regardless of the differences in level between players and enemies.