When playing Diablo II: Resurrection Wand there are socketed base items for runewords to choose from

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This guide contains a complete list of all of the Wand socketed base D2R runes for Runewords in Diablo II

This guide contains a complete list of all of the Wand socketed base D2R runes for Runewords in Diablo II. Their Normal, Exceptional, and Elite qualities have all been resurrected along with other important characteristics such as damage, level, strength requirements, maximum number of sockets, and quality level, amongst others. When a Weapon Runeword requires the creation of a Sword, these are the runes to use.



Despite the fact that wands are not specific to any one class, Necromancers prefer them because they can be equipped with up to three auto mods when used in conjunction with Necromancer skills. For Necromancers, it is worthwhile to spend some time searching for a base Wand that contains the auto mods that you require.

Wand Base Item Properties in Diablo II: Resurrected Runewords for Wands: Resurrected Runewords for Wands:Runewords for Wands that have been resurrected:

A number of words come to mind, including strength, white, and wind.


This section contains information on the possible damage ranges for a specific base weapon, as well as the average damage to serve as a point of comparison. A more accurate comparison of the damage that a specific weapon will deal out over time is made as a result of this.

Level: This is the character level required in order to use the item at the lowest possible difficulty level. When equipping a finished Runeword item, the lowest level that can be used is either that of the base item or that of the Runeword, whichever is higher in value.

Strength: This is the absolute bare minimum in terms of Strength that the character must possess in order to equip himself or herself. Make certain that you do not create an item that your character will be unable to wear due to the item's strength requirements being too high. In order to use wands, you do not need to be dexterous.

In this case, the maximum number of sockets available is indicated rather than the number of sockets that will be guaranteed. One can find diablo 2 resurrected items for sale that can roll with two sockets, but they can also roll with one, two, or three sockets, depending on the configuration. A random number of sockets can be generated in a Normal unsocketed base item by using the Horadric Cube recipe. This can be done up to the maximum number of sockets that can be generated in a base item. In contrast, when applying sockets to a Normal unsocketed base item with Larzuk in Act V, he will always install the maximum number of sockets that can be applied to the item. To avoid being disappointed, it is best not to give him an unsocketed Base item with a maximum of three sockets when you require a two-socket item.

The default base speed of a weapon, excluding any class modifiers, is set to this value unless otherwise specified. The higher the number, the more quickly the machine operates. While the effects of the weapon will differ depending on the class that wields it, this is a good starting point for comparing and contrasting the various options.

QLvl: This number indicates the quality level of the item that is used as a starting point. This determines the level of mobs that you must be killing in order for the item to have a chance of dropping on your character. Example: The Secret Cow Level is one of the best levels for farming normal base buy Diablo 2 resurrected items, but it is also one of the most difficult levels to complete because it is hidden in plain sight. qLvl 28 is suitable for buy D2R ladder items up to normal Secret Cow Level, Nightmare is suitable for diablo 2 resurrected items up to qLvl 64 (which includes the majority of Exceptional base ), and Hell is suitable for items up to elite Secret Cow Level 81 (which includes the majority of Elite base ).